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Mos and Li Ra


They do what they can do best: Music. Two voices, no instruments, still the sound isn't missing a thing - that's the duo Mos & Li Ra from Graz. They combine A-Capella with effects and loopers to a complete band and a choir. The A-Capella sound and the variety of voices of both get recorded and replayed with exact timing. Mos & Li Ra: This is where two worlds meet - the world of cleverly used technical equipment meets the world of beatboxing and velvety jazzy sound. Arranged in a minimal and sometimes complex way, the emotional songs focus on the sound of their voices. They write their distinctive arrangements and songs themselves, sometimes they also rearrange existing songs to covers. Simon Jiménez from Graz and Lina Rahne from Slovenia form the duo since the start of 2013. The music junkies use their talents in a few very different bands, ranging from acoustic to pure a-capella to jazz and pop, for example Simon in his Band "One Wire Less" and Lina in her Band Lavender, with the single "Feel" already featured on MTV Adria. Currently they are competing in the Bandcontest Local Heroes 2014, where they already successfully made their way up to the Finals.


At least we think a lot about it

All is behind us

Live recording from the p.p.c. at the Semifinals of the Local Heroes Bandcontest.

It was amazing to play there, create these sounds live and getting this feedback and energy from the audience!

Dance with me, sing with us?

We played this one as our last song at the Local Heroes Finals in the P.P.C.
As you may notice, playing the Ukulele is not the core competence of Simon, but well, he still likes to play it.

Our Sound is changing

When we started out at the beginning of 2013, our setup was simple - one looper (RC300) and two microphones.

We soon discovered that there are more possibilities with 2 loopers - so we added the RC505 and some effects. At the side you can listen to the song "Save the earth" we created at the very beginning, in the version that we sang at december 2013 (well, the songs constantly change).

Some more thinking

Sometimes - well, most of the time, our songs try to tell you something. In this case, Simon wrote this song thinking of his life and all the (unused) possibilities.

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Our Music

You can listen to some of our songs on Soundcloud.

Save the Earth

Showing a bit of Simon's thoughts about us and our World. This song came to him like he already knew it from before - one of our audiences most favorite songs.

The world has stopped

The same song as in the Video before - the sound in the pure form at soundcloud. Written for Katharina S. and Stephanie B by Simon.


Started out as an Improvisation, on one of our first meetings. We still like it, and therefore we want to share it with you. It wasn't planned or prewritten - created on the fly, cut short.

Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent. Victor Hugo

ABOUT Mos & Li Ra

Well, you maybe read it already. Just 2 people with loopers and effects - loving what they do, and doing what they love. And if you really want to do us a favor, drop by a concert and dance with us. Yeah, we do this kind of music where you can dance too, we just haven't recorded much of that yet.


We create music that we love - with the tools that we have. We sometimes change the tools, so our music keeps changing and growing.


We do have a lot of it - on stage as well as creating the songs. Drop by and see what we do :)


We still try to keep it simple and clean. Looping isn't about creating as much noise as possible, at least not in our opinion. We keep it danceable.


Drop us a line or just say Hi! Would you like to book us, come to our concert or work with us? Drop us a line so we can keep you informed. Also be sure to check by on facebook!

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